1+1 Tips for the standard Service!

The proper care and maintenance of your car reduces the likelihood of damage and malfunctions as it increases its longevity. Our company JETRONIC SERVICES LTD offers a complete technical inspection!

By completing the “service book“, the customer can see all the tasks performed on his/her vehicle during the service. If you ever decide to sell your car, the service book will clearly show the mileage and tasks performed during the service.

The standard car service includes the following:

  1. Engine oil change
  2. Filter replacement (air and oil)
  3. Fuel filter replacement
  4. Change of spark plugs
  5. Check fluids (windscreen washer fluid and engine coolant levels)
  6. Check brakes, lights, battery condition, steering system, tyres and windscreen wipers
  7. Lubricate all door catches, locks, and hinges as required

(*Please note that the standard service does not include the cost of any repairs, replacements or new parts, such as wipers, etc.)

TIP 1: The car service should be carried out on time.

Regular service and maintenance is the key to keeping your car running well, having a longer life expectancy and avoiding unnecessary repair expenses.

TIP 2: The correct tyre pressure should be maintained at all times.

Regular checks of the tyre pressure and condition is the key to extend the life of your vehicle. Specifically, low tyre pressure levels and damaged tyres put undue stress on the shock absorber causing the vehicle to vibrate. Thus the correct tyre pressure is vital for your safety on the road.           

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