Why does my car’s air conditioning smell?

Over time air conditioning systems may develop bacteria, micro-organisms, mold or fungi, no matter whether they are used frequently or not.

Since your car air conditioning unit is always exposed to dust, dirt and moisture, it’s normal for bacteria to multiply inside the AC ducts and filters, causing unpleasant odours! This as a consequence may cause headaches or even respiratory problems.

Such phenomena may be prevented if:

  1. You press the air recycling button (fresh air comes in from the outside), which reduces humidity and therefore dries the filter and pipes.
  2. You switch off the air conditioning a few minutes before arriving at your destination, leaving the fan in the ‘on’ mode. By doing this, you ensure the AC’s evaporator is dried out.

However, if this problem has already occurred, you should contact our qualified personnel

  1. for the proper use of disinfectant
  2. to replace the filters
  3. to refill refrigerant gas and
  4. to check the proper running state of the integrated cooling system

The best time of the year to service your car’s air conditioning system is during March or April, before  hot weather starts.

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